Turnip vs crab grass


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I recently went to check on my turnip plot and its doing well except its starting to get overcome with crabgrass.. I was going to spray it with my tow behind sprayer and wheeler but I'm concerned with the damage it will cause to the turnips. Should I use my back pack sprayer ,get after it with the 4 wheeler or wait it out . Will crab grass die out as cooler weather comes? The plot is half acre.
Good news is crab grass is a warm season grass and does not like the cold. Bad news is its eating your fertilizer and moisture by the day. Weigh the odds and do what you feel best. It will die when it cools down. I would backpack it if it was enough to be a concern.
This time of year I would spray. If it was just a few weeks or so from a freeze I wouldn't. For just a half acre I would strap on the BP sprayer.
Going to go this week with the BP and spray it. I'll post some before and after pictures. Good to see some familiar names made the switch from QDMA. Thanks for the input.

Its been about 30 days, I bought some urea but have never applied it. From what I understand apply when its dry before a rain?