Turkies wrecking my brassicas?


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I planted a turnip and sugar beat plot that seemed to be doing great. Now a majority of the plants are completely defoliated. Planted the same thing last year with no issues. I first thought worms or insects but didn't see any. After checking my trail cams a flock of turkies have been regular visitors of the plot. Could they be the culprit?

Here are some pics. Some areas of the plot are worse off.
image.jpeg image.jpeg
That almost looks like an insects work right there, the way the leaves are eaten down to the stems, not sure what kind of insect. But turkeys are surprisingly destructive creatures to crops
I dropped a turnip seed or two in my yard and have let them grow just for the heck of it. The ones in my yard look exactly like your pictures. The only turkeys in the area is my neighbor to the east:p. You've got bugs!
Some type of insect. I'll bet either some type caterpillar or grasshopper. You don't see them now because the turkeys have been there helping you out.