Triple C's Place

all looks great - I love the property and the cabin of course! I like the land layout as well - lots to keep you busy. The topography is interesting and must give you all kinds of nice vantage points.
all looks great - I love the property and the cabin of course! I like the land layout as well - lots to keep you busy. The topography is interesting and must give you all kinds of nice vantage points.
Thx farmhunter! Topography is very gently rolling, gradually dropping from the north end of property to south end with very few hills to speak of.
Yep thats the pond I speak of. Thanks. Always enjoy thread with the timbering, planting, family, and hunting. Good stuff.
It's always a pleasure to see Triple C's Place which shows impressive habitat improvement, family involvement and great food!
Thx for the comments guys! In KC on biz. Will update with more pics when I return tomorrow. Also using tap talk for the 1st time. This is easy!

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This feels good. I look forward to taking my time and going thru this in great detail. Beautiful.
Looking forward to your updates. This place is taking off and it is great to see so many of these great people continue to provide information that is invaluable and entertaining.
Deer & Other Critter Harvests Since 2011
To bring this thread somewhat up to date I thought I'd share our harvests since purchasing the property. After all, that's what most of us on this forum have in common...the pursuit of the whitetail and all that comes with it thru land management. A little background - I had no idea I would ever purchase property for the purpose of hunting or for any other reason. I grew up on a farm but left after I got out of school. I hunted small game as a kid. There were basically no deer in GA until the early 70s. They had been wiped out for the most part. Hats off to GA's DNR that undertook a massive restocking program in the late 50s and early 60s. Today we have an abundance of deer with a very long and liberal season. I only hunted deer for a few years from my late teens to mid 20s. Then, when the boys were old enough to hunt, I got back into it in a big way because they wanted to hunt. We switched to bow hunting almost exclusively when they were just teenagers. So many wonderful memories of time at deer camp with the boys and friends in various hunting clubs from those years. After the boys were grown, I pretty much got out of hunting again. They continued. Over time, Dustin, our oldest son, married, had children and hunting was very limited. Brooks on the other hand, is still single and has always hunted. Turkey is his passion along with his annual trek out west to CO chasing elk with bow. He's taken only 1 bull elk in probably 9 years of going out there but always has incredible stories with close encounters most years. For the past 3 years, Dustin has gone with him. They will be making the trip again this year in early September. Brooks has taken a nice mulley in CO, black bear in Alaska and caribou in Canada. Sometimes it nice to be single! Dustin is still chasing his 1st elk. I say all that to say that our boys have a huge passion for hunting. The passion has been passed on to Dustin's son, Jaden. He's 12. One of the greatest joys I have with the land is hunting with Jaden.

I bought the property on somewhat of a whim at Brooks' suggestion. Recreational / timber land prices took a nose dive after the almost depression in 2009 - 2010. So, I decided long-term that land might be a decent investment and took the plunge. WOW!!! I had absolutely no idea me and my family would get so much joy from owning a piece of dirt! Although I must say, it is a beautiful piece of dirt with great features. I went from being an avid golfer playing golf with my buddies on the weekends to almost overnight, abandoning golf for the most part and traveling to the farm most weekends. Thus the cabin and other buildings. As most of you regulars have seen, we now do all our family functions and holidays at the farm. It has turned into a special place for sure.

My primary land management practice is timber. Good timber management down south creates excellent deer habitat. So, the deer hunting and managing habitat for deer is a big part of what we do. We mostly bow hunt, although during the rut the rifles do come out for obvious reasons. A couple of years ago, I switched from compound to traditional archery equipment and am loving that journey today. Our archery season opens the 2nd Saturday of September. Our firearms season opens the 1st Saturday following the 2nd Saturday of October and runs through somewhere around the 10th of January. Lots of bucks get shot with such a long firearms season. But, we still manage to grow some nice bucks and keep them around on 287 acres. With all this said, following is the chronological order of our harvests since 2011 minus most doe pics.

Nothing was taken in 2011. Just didn't see a lot of bucks the 1st year. Habitat changes and food plots really fixed that issue beginning in 2012. Jaden took his 1st deer and our 1st deer in 2012 just before he turned 9. His smile says it all...
Jaden doe 2012.jpg

About 3 weeks later, all within 20 minutes of each other, Jaden took his 1st buck from the hour glass plot and Brooks took our 1st keeper from within our sanctuary. It was a very special day on the farm. Again, his smile says it all.
Jaden's 1st buck 2012.jpg

20 minutes later, Brooks took our 1st decent buck aged at 3.5.
Brooks buck 2012.jpg

In 2013, we took 2 bucks from the farm. My cousin's son took his 1st buck, again from the hour glass plot in mid October.
Dillon Buck 2013.jpg

Then in late October 2013 , just as the bucks were entering the cruising phase, I connected on the best buck of my lifetime in a hardwood draw just north of the bottoms.AC Buck 2013.jpg

Brooks and Dustin whacked a few pigs with their bows in 2013. Anymore we just shoot them on sight.
Brooks boar 2012.jpg
Dustin pig 2013.jpg

2014 was an incredible year. Jaden was the 1st to connect on a buck in 2014. It was the 1st weekend in November which was the same weekend that he killed his 1st buck in 2012. I had the joy of hunting with him on this morning and out of the same ladder stand that he took his 1st buck. It was in the hour glass plot - a very productive spot. We had the joy of watching this buck chase doe(s) thru the pines for probably 20 minutes plus watch a very nice 8 pointer come in and challenge this buck during the chasing. This buck prevailed and when the doe came into the food plot the buck followed. Our 1st 4.5 year old deer.
Jaden Buck 2014.jpg

2 weekends later, Dustin connected on his largest bow kill buck while hunting in the bean field. This buck came cruising thru the bean field after daylight. I was hunting in a hardwood draw about 150 yds away and heard the buck pile up between Dusting and me.
Dustin Buck 2014.jpg

In mid December 2014, Brooks connected on the last buck of the season from the hour glass plot. 2014 is the only year we've harvested 3 bucks from the farm.
Brooks buck 2014.jpg
I connected with my recurve in 2014 on a doe and pig. I took this doe in the upper lower food plot. Brooks was sitting in a hang-on in the lower lower and watched this doe come from his area up to where I was perches with a small fork horn giving her chase. I was thrilled to connect with traditional equipment - my 1st ever. 2nd pic is a pig I shot on the bean field while walking to the stand.
AC doe 2014.jpg AC pig 2014.jpg

Only 1 buck was taken in 2015. Brooks connected on our largest scoring buck to date and his largest buck with a bow. 136 3/4. He was hunting on the edge of our sanctuary in one of the most beautiful settings on our property. Big mature bottomland hardwoods amongst beaver sloughs and river cane thickets. This buck was taken the middle of November. It came from the back of the sanctuary near the creek border and was following a doe. He watched it for several minutes and put an arrow thru the boiler plate at only 7 yds. Interesting thing about this buck is it was aged at only 3.5 but had the most mass of any buck taken to date. 1 perfectly symmetrical 5x5 with 2 identical kickers coming off the G1's with pretty good mass.
Brooks Buck 2015.jpg

That pretty much brings my thread up to date. Looking forward to posting more as the journey continues. Thanks for taking the time to follow along!
Well I'm signing on so I will be around when you post a picture of those breakfast biscuit. I think we could put a big slice of tomato in one of those biscuits and that would be a meal. Good to see your beautiful pictures, and I know the work Brooks has done to get the place looking like that. And the rest of you have helped some too.

P.S. Looks like you have some southern dog fennel in those thinned pines
^ x2 and some of those infamous sweetgums ! It's time to kill things Triple C.
Glad to see this land tour thread start back up! Awesome as always. I've discovered that deer love to follow mowed paths through my thinned pines. I've been keeping a couple of lanes mowed since year one on my farm.
Thanks for all the kind comments guys! Just wanted to check in and state that I'm following along on a lot of threads but due to biz, haven't been to the farm in a little over 2 weeks. Setting in Sky Club at Atlanta airport heading out on another trip this week. Sheeeeez!!! May hit Platinum status with Delta this year if I keep this up. pays the bills...:D Talked to Brooks this morn and at least I have an update without pics. He ain't very good at taking pics of anything going on. All interior roads are now back in tip top shape, water bars installed and planted in millet after logging operation. They're supposed to leave them in as good or better shape than prior to logging but not the case here. Gonna send them a bill and see what happens. Took one of his employees down to farm this past week and sealed the entrance fence. Met exterminators this morn to make sure no creepy crawly things are in the cabin when I show up this coming Friday. Had 1.25 inches of rain late Sunday afternoon after he broadcast millet on all the roads so hopefully when I get there I will have some decent pics to post.

Really loving this new site and happy to see members I never saw on the old QDMA forum! Keep the updates flowing boys and tell everyone you know about this site. I recognize Podad from our local state hunting forum. He will make a great contributor. Also, give a shout out the David Helmsley that posted on a couple of threads here. He manages an incredible archery lease here in GA that produces crazy good bucks. Never met him but have followed his posts on our local forum for several years. Would love to see him start a thread here. Let's keep the new blood coming in. It's critical to the long-term prosperity of this site.

Hope to have a decent update with pics to post on Sunday! Happy trails till then!
Enjoyed all the pics, especially the kids with their first deer and the best buck of your life, though they were all great pics. Deer hunters hate hogs, but I once paid to go hog hunting in TN.

It's great to see your family involved, and your place just keeps getting better.
Enjoyed the history review! Love the Black Widow kills, nothing like a traditional bow kill. Whole lot of satisfaction doing it the old way! Travel and work always seems to limit the outdoor pursuits:mad: Like you I am thankful I have a job and can afford to do the things I like to do even though not as often as I would like. Hopefully in three years my daughter will be out of college and I can retire :D