Throw and mow spraying question


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I’ve got a plot planted last fall in the LC Cereal mix. This year, the plot is mostly mature rye, and a mix of the medium red and jumbo ladino clovers I planted last fall as part of the mix. The issue is there’s a good amount of ragweed and some black medic growing throughout the plot.

I want to throw and mow just rye and clover this fall. Would you spray to kill the black medic and ragweed? I hate to nuke all that good clover mixed in.



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You are on the site and I am not. That should disqualify me from offering , ummm, insight?
You are in Wisconsin? Won't you have a frost there soon? Maybe that was a little too snarky. Sorry.
Truly, shouldn't the rye be about dead by now?
I wouldn't spray a summer annual broadleaf weed now (go to one of my other posts where I actually did what I just said not to do).
Can you mow your plot?

Deer like ragweed.
it's late in the summer, especially for you.
Doing nothing is an option.
Mowing is an option.
Spraying would be my last resort and with the clover you apparently have, not an option at all. What herbicide would you use to kill the weeds and save the clover? None. The weeds are too big now. Disclosure: I am a lover of clover!


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I have had good luck with just mowing if you have clover established. The weather will be cooling off and getting wetter then the clover will really take off!
I must admit I like clover as I'm a little biased
I have been doing less and less spraying finding that properly timed mowing can be just as effective at controlling certain "weeds"...grass on the other hand can be straight from the devil and must die!