The Value of Exclusion Cages


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Pictures of my 1/2 acre plot in S.E. Louisiana, taken January 12, 2020. The plot was planted in early October with a mix of wheat, oats, turnips, radish, chicory and white clover using the Throw & Mow method.



Yes, they are valuable for knowing exactly what your plot would have looked like with no browsing. I’ve been lax in putting them up the last couple years with really no reason except that they’re not a priority. I need to change that because it’s so easy to make them that it’s ridiculous not to. Thanks for the reminder and consider me scolded !:)
My wheat/rye/clover plots look a lot like your's right now. I put a cage up at the end of November to see if they grew much in the winter. We had a ton of 50-60 degree days in December and you can't tell a difference. I really thought the wheat grew more than what it has (on the nice weeks of winter). Good lookin plots!