Throw&Mow novice

TnM is a form of no-till, and people are still trying to invent a method of no-till that works without spraying, but up to this point there has been very limited success, although it can be done with a good stand of mature rye that has no weeds in it, but there's almost no way to arrive at the mature stand of weed-free rye without tillage or herbicide. So, if you don't want to spray and also use more seed your options are mostly limited to sticking to tillage for planting.

That’s how I see it too. Without a drill, I have to do limited tillage. I really can’t see the harm in what little scratching I do in my plots. Occasionally I’ll have a fantastic weed crop if the spring/summer crop fails, (as it did this year from lack of moisture), and then I’ll have to disc a little deeper in order to turn up more dirt. It is what it is !
I seeded, mowed (with weedeater), and sprayed all of these standing weeds two weeks ago and my germination looks pretty good... even with minimal rain. You can see the thatch is fairly thick but the seed made its way down to the soil. FWIW, I don't know that it would have done as well without the spraying to burn down the remaining vegetation.

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