The Land of Milk and Honey

Seemed like no better time than now to renovate the pond without having to break the dam.



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Nice shop T-Max! And to have a wife that can hang with the boys...Priceless! Hope you get and eye-to-eye encounter this fall with that big boy running around your farm.
Nice place you have, and a nice shop to work in! One of my ponds looks just like yours, and will probably get cleaned out this year if it stays dry.
Nice shop, and I always put someones, or somethings prints in concrete for the future. Better keep that wife, she's a keeper. And I thot we had gotten dry till I saw your pond. Good stuff.
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That shop looks awesome. You guys did some great work. Now you need to get a shot at the buck that dropped that shed. Nice update.
Got the plots put in last Saturday. Got 1/4” of rain as the last seeds hit the ground. Spread 50 lb. of 11-52-0 and urea as per the soil test. Worked that in with the springtooth. Spread 50 lb. of oats and worked that in shallow with the springtooth as well. Ran all that over with the cultipacker before spreading a mix of turnip, radish, kale, rape, chickory, and red and white clover. Cultipacked half of that in and got rained out. I put up 2 exclusion cages for fun. Just over an acre. Now we pray for rain. Already dodged one today...

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Yall are really getting after it! Shop looks awesome. Hope you get enough rain to fill up the pond. Pretty dry around here too.

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50 lbs of mineral, 25 lbs of fine stock salt, a coffee can of dicalcium phosphate, and drizzled with liquid molasses. Had the camera set to take 3 pics with a 5 minute delay. It took 2200 pics in a month. They have hammered it. All does until that first buck pic on 7/29. Created the site on 7/1.

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Archery season is getting closer here in NE. Way too close, even though I always enjoy it. So stinkin' far behind on my to do list it before I can hunt.