I am not much of a cat taxidermist, but have done two now for the kids, that they took on our Kentucky farm. Can't find finished pics of either at the moment, but this is my daughter's muzzleloader cat.
I don't have room for a full body mount - I barely have room for those I have I got to get my basement finished!
Great work! My goal is to get a couple of full body deer done. My latest objective has been building pedestals for a couple deer I am having redone hopefully this year.
We have to get some waterfowl into the mix!


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I like Cuivre Dog's dead mount. I actually do a fair number of dead mounts. I like them as well. Neatest one I did was a mixed bag of sea ducks draped over the top of lobster trap

This I the best I have right now. I will take a pic tomorrow with my new phone since it has a better cam. I will take a few pics of the mounts we have at work too.

I know it's not a deer but it's by far my best big game animal kill. Taken in 2012 with a bow on public land near Meeker CO.

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