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I figured it was time to start a thread since the boys are coming out of hiding,

First up is a nice young 10 that would like to be a 12 someday. :)

Next is a buck that we have seen in velvet all summer, but he disappeared about a month ago.

Getting a little better. He'll be easy to identify...

A small 8 and his 10 point buddy. I sure hope they make it to old age someday...

I already posted this guy on another thread, but he needs to be on mine. :) I am really hoping to get some better pictures of him...

This fella is becoming a regular, and he is beginning to travel earlier and later. I think he is pretty old. Any thoughts?

Nice buck. I think thats my problem lately. I have no bucks to get excited about, and there has been alot of disturbances at the family farm over the last week or two, unseasonably warm weather so that just aggravates and annoys me making my relaxing time anything but relaxing.
So I had a close encounter with him on Saturday. Grunted him in to 45 yards. I didn't have a shot and eventually a fight broke out in a big draw to our South. Needless to say, he took off like a rocket. I elected not to hunt Saturday night because of the high temps and I really should have gone. Now with some good daylight pictures, what do you guys think? Any guesses on age?

I am really hoping someone thinks he is 4-1/2. This is 20 yards from the tree stand I'll be in tomorrow morning. :)


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Dude, you have some nice bucks. I think the first one is 3.5 but that last buck looks 4.5 to me. Tough decisions.

Well, this buck reappeared and will be taking up most of my time. I think he is old. I was guessing him at 5-1/2 last year. He's a rare deer even for here...IMG_1648.JPGIMG_1649.JPGIMG_1650.JPG

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