Therapy Acres Target Buck “Clubby” Goes Down

That is one awesome Deer!!

Actually one of the best I think I've ever seen and certainly better than anything I've ever shot. I might just have to quit after tagging that one!

Probably not.

Thanks Deadeye! I probably won’t quit especially if the trail cameras are showing me some good deer. Some
Folks might call that cheating but I look at it as motivation.

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Thanks Drycreek! As it turns out it actually is a river bottom buck. How did you know?

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I don’t think bucks get that big in N Mississippi unless they come from the river bottoms. At least that’s what my friend who lives there says.
You must have a weight room in that CRP, because that buck looks like he's been working out! Haha. Excellent, cool deer - whatever you are doing is obviously working.