Sprayer for Polaris Ranger

I just use a regular either 25 or 12 gallon spray rig from the farm store.I did make a L bracket that comes up to tailgate level for boomless sprayer head and have a remote switch
It's pretty easy to put one together with parts from a farm store like Rural King. The biggest hurdle is a tank.
I made mine from a pull-behind that I bought for yard use. I originally used it with my zero turn mower but I was spraying for behia grass in a rough area next to my front fence and bent the tongue so I just took the tank off, made a frame from 2x6s, and mounted the tank on that. I used the original brackets to hold the two spray nozzles and made sure that fitment enabled the spray to clear the open tailgate. A long wiring harness lets me connect straight to the battery on my Ranger and a rocker switch allows me to cut it off or on at will. It works so well I now use it on narrow or very small food plots. Northern Tool has everthing you need to build what you want.