Sorghum Browse Pressure


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Don't know how many have seen the latest GrowingDeer episode, but they are testing a new "mix" with Eagle for "kill"plots or heavily browsed areas. Grant isn't saying what the mix is yet,citing that he wants more time to test, but appears to be a sorghum heavy mix with possibly lablab or some other type of legume or pea.

Got me thinking- For those that plant sorghum as a summer crop, how is it holding up vs beans or peans?? On my main plot I tried 1 bag of ag beans this year for kicks & naturally didnt last..Totally wiped out at 2/3".This is about 1.5ac with a low/medium density.

I'm focusing on eliminating some of the trees that were present in my plot to reduce competition & have alil more room to plant, & looking at a spring mix possibly of sorghum. What are ya'll mixing with it for diversity?
Sorghum does great in that regard on my farm. The deer leave it alone until it's mature, for the most part.
I planted five acres of eagle seed beans in Apr. Within three or four days, hogs had eaten 90% of the bean seed. The little bit that did germinate was quickly finished of by deer. In the same place, I then planted some tecomate lablab plus - mix of lablab, ebony soybeans, some other pea, white milo, and peredovik sunflower. It is doing great. Very little browsing apparent. None on the white milo. Will be interesting to see if deer switch to the lablab plus when neighboring farmer harvests his ag beans.
Yeah I thought I’ve seen & heard various guys saying that some areas it seemed the deer weren’t browsing the sorghum at all.. there’s a lot of tobacco in the rotation around me this year, hardly any corn or beans...

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Only touch it when the berries are doughy. At that time strip the seed heads but I don't think I've ever seen evidence of browse.
sorghum or milo,I know milo is a sorghum but a grain sorghum.I have good luck with milo but sometimes the black birds eat quite a bit.But it is usually gone fairly early.
I've been trying to get some in the ground for a couple seasons now. I just finally threw some WGF into my fall plot. I suspect it's not gonna make a seed head in time, but I also suspect my deer will eat the whole plant when the time comes. I also threw in some japanese millet. Buddy has had good luck with the deer eating off those seed heads when they're still green.

Next year, I'd like to throw in a forage sorghum in the fall mix to see if they won't eat that as well.
It’s the only thing that I’ve ever planted that the deer didn’t browse incredibly heavy. It even held up to the neighbor’s trespassing bovines. I planted sorghum, millet, sunflower, and buckwheat. I ended up with a decent stand of sorghum. The deer wore out the seed heads after they dried out, though.
I have a descent deer population, and I've never seen them browse the stalks, but they love the grain.