Seeded Property Roadways


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My family's property is in the Ozark Mountains with areas of thin and rocky topsoil and hillsides abound. Our property's internal roads have some fun challenges of sloped ground and going through old timber. Due to the sloped and thinner topsoil, we need to either keep the leaf litter thick or open up the canopy to have roots like grass to help hold them. I've been toying with doing some kind of grass/legume mix to plant along these internal roads to help hold the topsoil. Most of the roadways would be driven on maybe 4-6 times a year, with a small amount driven on multiple times for a week monthly (when we have work weeks up there). Most of the traffic (especially through the wooded areas) would be tractor or sidexside.

Does anyone have a good suggestion that we could replace the current fescue with? We have thought about maybe orchard grass with red or ladino clovers mixed in (this is what my grandfather had before he converted to fescue). Possibly looking at a buffalograss with legume mix as well. We would prefer to keep the legumes low in percentage as we do hunt the property, and would prefer not to have clover "food plots" as roads that we cannot hunt successfully.
For my property, they will range from field/wood edges with plenty, down to filtered light from thinned but still fairly closed canopy - 75% or higher closed canopy - working to reduce, but also do not want to lose our larger matured oaks for the sake of a road.