?? Skyrocket English Oak


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I've been on jury duty since Monday at the OK District Courthouse. On the north side of the building they have several columnar EO. I picked up a pocket full of acorns. Just wondering what the chances are they will have that growth habit or not?
I did this same thing last friday evening when i noticed a columnar english oak growing outside on the street corner. I got some strange looks from folks, but i picked up a pocketfull of them. After googling your exact question, it seems that about 75% of germinated seedlings will also take a columnar shape.
I had a long post about columnar oaks on qdma. I currently have crimson spire oaks I planted and if I can find a source I plan to add a lot more varieties next year. They take up less space, grow really face, and produce a ton of mast from what I've seen!
yeah I agree, and large acorns. I think they would be a good screening tree too. I have some big redoak acorns but the english oak acorns are even bigger.