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I found some really nice burr oak acorns and am looking at playing with starting a couple of trees from them. I have never done this before, so I had a couple of questions.

From what I understand, I should test them with water and then remove any floaters. The rest I should put in a ziplock bag and store in the fridge until next spring and plant then.

They are mostly green, are they still ok or do I need to look for brown ones? Will they turn brown in time or are they just immature nuts?

Should I store them in the fridge with a wet paper towel in the bag, or just in the bag after I take them out of the water?

How long will they keep in the fridge? If I put them in now, will they be ok to put in a pot next March or should I start them sooner?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated-this is my first time trying to intentionally grow a tree from a nut.
Burr oak are from the white oak group, stratification isn’t required. However, I keep mine (white oaks in general) in the crisper as you mentioned with a moist paper towel in a ziplock.

We’ve started them in March 2 years in a row with great success.

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Green is OK. I have picked mine from the tree and I am familiar with the drop time. The nuts would never hit the ground anyway as the supply is limited and squirrels would eat them before they hit the ground. If the squirrels are eating them, then they are good to go. Leave them on a shelf for a couple days and they should turn brown and shrink a little. I take the burr off and store them in moist peat (not wet) in a sealed ziplock bag in the fridge. Pack them loosely and not touching each other. Peat is acidic and keeps mold from forming. I do not know the PH of paper towel and have never done it this way... In the spring, open the bag and plant the ones with roots popping out. Sometimes I can see roots along the side of the bag and then it is time. I can get 25 or so in a one gallon plastic ziplock.
Hope this helps..

My fall 2022 collection so far…

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