Diesel Pump Recommendations

Looks great. Did you pitch your pump end up a little so the water and sediment flow away from the suction tube?

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Lowes ran out of hurricane ties so I only got part way done, but here it is now:

That’s a nice filling station Jack. I thought to do the same since I have an old covered dog pen and I no longer keep bird dogs. I just don’t use enough diesel to need it. I carry my fuel on the same trailer that I haul my tractor on and when I move it to my lease, I fill my tractor and the fuel tank up. I rarely even need to refuel at the lease when I start with a full tank of fuel in the tractor. I disced and planted six plots from a half acre to a quarter acre this week and still have a little fuel left in my tractor. Next week I have to plant an acre plot on another lease but I’ll fuel up before I leave town.
I get about 8 hours on average before I need to refill my tractor. The fuel station we have at the farm is needed. The one I just built at our retirement property is more of a convenience.