Second Year of No Till


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I have three small plots on my hunting lease that I planted for years with the traditional bush hogging & discing method. Last year, after our club tractor died, I was determined to go "tractor free" and try managing the plots with the no-till approach using only my ATV.

That first year was more successful than I expected, and sure was a lot less of a hassle than dealing with the club tractor. But growing conditions that year were perfect. I had serious concerns this year because of the dry weather and late planting. As with year one, I documented the process in pictures.

The plot was cut with my home made cutter reported here in the How To Build Stuff section of the forum -

Here's the thread where I reported my first year results.
Great plot, and great documentation of your work and progress. I've always enjoyed your posts and how you incorporate detailed, labeled pictures.
I agree with Doc, your descriptions win the award for detail. I remember the build of your cutter. Glad its worked out for you planting last 2 years. I'm guessing pretty sandy soil? Does it test good? Look great.
very impressive. No need for an expensive tractor for you. You got the "throw and mow" technique down!

Great stuff, really appreciate you taking the time to post your detailed progress. Got me all pumped up to start my first throw and now plot this spring!