Recreating a Deer Woods

Terrible news. May he rest in peace. I loved following this thread. I hope to order one or more of his Turning Point apples for my land this spring.
Ugh that was a gut punch. We’ve had many conversations over the years and his habitat workings were very similar to mine. A great loss of his knowledge. I’ve been afraid as to his health as my contacts have been in vain recently. Thanks to him for a great influx of knowledge for us and an exemplary life.

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So sorry to hear the news. I always enjoyed reading his posts. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

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It's strange how things work sometimes. I woke up this morning realizing today is the first day of spring and remembered how excited Dave would get thinking it would only be a short while before he could get after all the things h e'd been making plans for all winter long.
Dave and I had become quite close friends for quite sometime way back when we were both members of the local branch of QDMA. Living only a few miles apart we had the ability to visit each other's properties and see what each of us had done or had plans to do.
When I turned my computer on this morninng I had a message in my E Mail saying this forum had been through changes so I gave it a try and it came right up. This is the first time since Dave's passing so maybe this is another Omen.
For those who were wondering I called Anne a short while ago and she's doing well. Currently in Florida she is planning on coming home after the end of the month.
I have some Crabapple trees at their home which were grown from grafts from the tree I have in my backyard. Dave planted these for me. I have a special spot to plant some of them right next door behind my son's house which Dave would approve of. My son and Dave also became good friends and when Dave came to our place or I went to Dave's the three of us were often together.
Thank you to those who worked to get this forum up and running. I'll talk with many of you soon.
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I became active on a Michigan focused forum after the QDMA forum was dissolved. I too got an email in my inbox this morning which caused me to stop in here to see what was happening. I'm very sorry to hear about Chainsaw. I have very fond memories of my many exchanges with him on the old forum. He was one of a kind and left a lasting legacy. That's all any of us can hope for in this life.