Ozonics 200 & 300 HR


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I’m not looking for a debate on washing my teeth with peroxide or chewing on apples while in the stand.

I understand using wind is most important and also access to and from stand. I also understand there is no way to eliminate human odor.

My question: for those that have used ozonics while in a stand, have you noticed a benefit? How do you set up?

Thank you!

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Dont have an ozonic unit but did make a homemade ozone unit to treat clothes at home. Wash in scent killer, treat with ozone and spray down in the field. Had three deer downwind 15 to 40 yards tonight with falling thermals and none of the deer even sniffed the air. Two walked up and smelled rungs on my ladder stand and went back to calmly feeding. Based upon past hunts, it seemed to be a big improvement...

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I have a 300 and 200 and found it is best to hunt with both. Plan to buy a new 300 when I get enough Cabela’s points. The 200 is harder to use

These are a must have on Light to medium wind days. No doubt they work. All of my buddies have bought one and use them religiously.
I have both a dry wash unit and an in the field unit. I can honestly say I’ve noticed a huge difference in comfort level around me. The dry wash system is slick clothes and boots come out with zero odor. I was hesitant at first about it but after doing some research I was sold. Sports teams use this same technology to remove odor from equipment. I have noticed more deer approaching down wind then ever before. I let my cousin use it on a few hunts after I was tagged out. He was sold instantly.

I have an ozonics 200 and scent crusher locker

Any questions please ask
The differences in opinion on these is interesting. Some guys swear by them, I swore at them. The HR200 did not work for me out of a treestand at all. I got snorted more while using it than I ever have without. I hunt the wind always but was hoping it would help if something came down wind. Big nope!
I'm skeptical about their use in a tree, but they definitely work in a blind. You have to manage the wind though in order to mitigate your scent.
First, you have to limit the windows that are open. You need the wind from the side or in your face, position the unit so that the ozone "falls" over your scent between you and the downwind window. I had my 200 for five years before I ever used it. My wife bought it as an anniversary gift. One day I decided to use it or sell it, so I read the instructions, started using it on every hunt, and I was pleasantly surprised that it does indeed work.

I know some will never believe it, but a few coyotes, several deer, and a bunch of hogs would disagree......if they were alive.

Edit to say this: I've also used it from a tripod in a creek bottom where the wind is not reliable and IMO, it doesn't help at all.