NWTF Conservation Seed Program

John Paul

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I've never bought seed from NWTF and when I just went to their website I can see seed blends to purchase under the Seed Subsidy Program but nothing when I click through the Conservation Seed Program (which appears to be where they sale last seasons RR corn). Any ideas or am I too late?
The NWTF conservation seed program is usually handled thru local chapters. Might be to late this year. I got my seed back in February.
you have to go to your states page, NC has mostly summer plot seed and has another few weeks until they stop taking orders
Edit: I should have read above more carefully...it all has been covered....

In the past I was able to order 1 bag of seed from the state level (clover, sorghum)

Through the local chapter you can get multiple bags of corn soybeans.


I think the 1 bag was the Seed Subsidy program , and the corn\soybeans is Conservation seed program
Local chapter is where you would have to get it from! Got some corn last year and now we are getting beans also;)

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Our local chapter offered soybeans, corn and WW. All the seeds came in towards the end of May(almost June). I should have went ahead and bought the WW, but was disappointed that the beans and corn got there a month late for planting in our area and didn't buy anything. It would have still grown, but I don't think it would have performed as good as it would have if it came in April when all the farmers were planting. I'm kinda glad it worked out that way because we ended up running out of rain in August and didn't get any until December. We planted what was called a "hay bean" and it ended up not producing any pods because of the dry weather. The deer still ate leaves and even the stalks, but didn't have any late season food from the plot.
I bought persimmon trees using my seed subsidy credit this year. (25) 2-3' bare root persimmons for $30. Can't beat that deal. They come from The Wildlife Group, too.
I ordered five pear trees from NWTF this year. The trees came from The Wildlife Group. I was very disappointed in the trees. They were maybe 18 inches tall.
I'm SOL for this year, darn it for being so disorganized! Looks like overpriced corn from the COOP is my punishment.