New toy


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Just picked it up

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Getting ready to use mine again right now...have to put a 4x4 post in these rocks for my banks feeder...

Congrats on the new toy er tool!
Great purchase;its a must have tool. Because of the amount of rocks we have here though it can usually only be used in March and April and some in May. It works so well late march, early April, just pushes those boulders into the dirt on the sides of the hole.
Nice addition John! Picked one of those up last year and agree with dogdoc...getting to old for post hole diggers.
Very nice. I have a one man power auger that works great, easier to get into tight spaces. But I bet the tractor mount is much more effortless!
Wife approved auger test went well. Tomorrow is fence day

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All right, some fence building competition for OkieKubota. Looks like your auger will do the job. I got one from Tractor Supply a few years ago. Works great in most soil. I have some six by six posts to put in the lake bed for a new sea wall. Most of the hole went great but did catch it in the rocks a time or two. Had to disconnect auger from frame, use a pipe wrench and force pipe to work it out backwards. Oh, and had to replace a shear pin.
I installed a $33 rear view camera and 4.3" monitor on my tractor. It cut my looking back significantly.

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So are you fencing something in or something out?

Chainsaw is right about the rock. I tried to dig for some posts at the end of the property to put up a gate. We made several attempts but the rock made it impossible and I broke every shear pin I had.
A little area for my dog to be free. Dug 38 holes, broke 1 shear pin on a root. Worked great, averaged 20 to 30 seconds a hole, 36" deep

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