Drone Recovery Service

I have not read Part 107, but there may be away around licensing. Years ago, I got together with a handful of bow hunters and we started a non-profit called Suburban Whitetail Management of Northern VA. We started as a 501c(7) but soon moved to a 501c(3). We had an issues with an overpopulation of deer in the suburbs. We got insurance, trained and qualified bowhunters, and linked them up with private home owners who were having landscape damage by deer.

If you are not doing this to make money, starting a small non-profit may be an option. Since it is not a business, there may be a loophole in Part 107. You could take donations rather than charging for recovery service. This could cover cost of equipment and time. If you really just want to have fun with the and provide a service, this could be an option. Again, you would need to look into the details.
There is no exemption, if you aren't a "Hobbyist" a part 107 is required. It's very simple and inexpensive to get.
Why the disparity in what you give to the handler for a buck and a doe? It costs as much to travel and spend time with their dog recovering your deer regardless of the deer's sex.
Because that is what I chose to give them. They ask for NOTHING. I give them what I feel is worth it to me.