Neighbors Tresspassed, Wrote a Letter Admitting it, & Asked for Permission


So some folks just moved from across the country and onto the bordering land (they live there) next to our farm (we do not).

They sent me a letter admitting that they tresspassed, and then asked for permission to use the property.

The nerve people have never ceases to amaze me. I sent them a response saying "No"

Hopefully I don't have any problems out of them.....I tell myself that a real problem wouldn't have written the letter, but the more I research the more troubled I become. I see the husband also has some criminal history......assault

Any advice? Would you have sent their letter to the DNR or Sherriff?
I’m not sure what I would do. My initial reaction would be fury, but after calming down I think I would approach it like this:

Try to meet them and meet them with a legitimately open mind. Like you said, I think a real problem would not have written the letter. It’s possible to be friends and still respect boundaries.

I also would not judge the husband for an assault charge until you get to know him. Maybe he made a stupid mistake, maybe he’s completely changed his life around, etc. as you’ve already acknowledged, they live there and you don’t. That automatically gives them the advantage. Try to get off on the right foot.

If they end up being complete redneck dirtbags throw the book at them.
I would tell them thanks for writing the letter and letting you know that they accidentally trespassed, but you will have to graciously decline letting them use your property, as you use it yourself. I will say, at least they let you know and did ask permission. Most new neighbors won't even do that, they just start using it. I would definitely let the sheriff and DNR know about it and that you told them no trespassing. I would also make sure that the property was posted according to the law. I don't know if you have met them, but it might be in your best interest to go meet them. They might be better neighbors than you think.

I had permission to hunt a large tract of property that was going to be developed into a neighborhood. The houses got closer and closer and ended up pushing me and the deer into the woods, which was fine. What wasn't fine was the fact that some of the people and their kids that moved into the houses, decided that they had free range of the land and woods. I made sure that they knew that because they bought a house in the neighborhood, didn't mean they bought the land that they were trespassing on. Most didn't like it and apologized and I never saw them again. Some kept coming back and I had to "threaten" them with trespassing charges and calling the law. That seemed to stop it, but it didn't cure it when I wasn't there. It is now almost all houses and I don't hunt it anymore.
You don't need to be a redneck dirtbag to be a consistent pain in the a$$. My California transplant neighbors are just as big of a pain and they have jobs and are reasonably normal in most aspects. They do have entitlement issues !
I would meet with them but I would make sure from the first word that you're not playing around. Don't give them an inch!
Make sure your property is properly posted. Make sure the signs are visible. Invest in a couple Cellular trail cams and place them in high traffic areas. Meet the neighbors and tell them your expectations.

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A few cheap cameras would work too. You said no now they know. Cards held close, be their stupid neighbor for a while and gather intel. Don't get too worked up and keep records, dates, and times.

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I just received a nice response from them saying they understood. I am very relieved and hope that this is the end of it, though I will still deploy some cameras along/re-mark that border.

Appreciate the replies