Got it done in a new spot

Well my normal hunting spot/food plot area hasn’t seen hardly any action this year. It happens about every 3 years here, seems like what few deer there are move out of a given area for a year then return the following year or two.
I decided to try a new area I had never hunted before. Called a friend of mine and he gave me permission to hunt his parcel which was just logged about a year ago.
I was mainly going to scout it out and look for a good spot to set up for next year but when I started in the road i noticed some very fresh tracks so figured I had better start walking. After inching my way along for a bit I came across 2 does feeding in the cut over. As I watched them eating and picking around I was thinking that there has to be a buck close by, 2 mature does should have a buck watching over them. Especially since there are so few does here.
After about 20 minutes of watching them I decided I’d try to work my way in a bit further to see if he was on the back side of the hill behind them. After making it about another 40 yards one doe spotted me and was giving me the stare down when all of a sudden I saw the antlers come up out of the little draw in behind the does. He came up just high enough that I had a good front on shot and dropped him in his tracks.
He may not score good but is the widest and oldest buck I have ever shot. His hooves are almost completely wore out, haven’t aged the jaw yet.
9 point, 24” spread, 201 lbs dressed
The picture with the skull mount rack is my
previous biggest which scored 139 5/8 gross


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