Got permission to hunt a property, looking for advice


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I have permission to hunt a 20 acre parcel, so I'm looking for advice on how to go about scouting it. I've only driven by it, and from what I can tell, it looks pretty thick. There's no ag around, just trees (mostly oaks) for miles
The property has been logged before, so you can easily see where it endsIMG_4216.JPG

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Without trails, job #1 will be determining most reasonable entry/ exit routes then meshing that with most beneficial based on walking the property

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I'll second this and add that it looks like it can only be hunted on some variation of a North wind. For the first hunt or two, I wouldn't venture any farther than about a third of the way into the property. See what happens, and go from there.
On these small properties the wind governs. I have a small plot like this and we only hunt the downwind edge. Any other locations are just wasting your time and educating the deer. The other option is to put an enclosed blind that is very airtight upwind somewhere. Rule of thumb, when hunting strange territory, with the wind in consideration, hunt the downwind edge of the highest ground.
Walked the property today... very thick with deer trails going every which way. Lots of deer sign. I found a spot I like, so I put some corn down and set a camera to see what's out there.
Pretty difficult to do any of this without access trails or food plots, but the challenge will make it more fun.

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