NASHDA - World Championship April 8th and 9th


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The North America Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA) will conduct it World Championship in Northfield, Minnesota Saturday, April 8th and Sunday, April 9th. About 80 dogs will run across the three different classifications.

Each dog qualified at a Hunt Test conducted during the season. I attended two qualifying events in Indiana this year as a spectator. The dog owners and handlers are a passionate group of people committed to their dog and sport.

I have two friends that I made that are traveling to compete in this event. Both have two dogs entered - I wish them luck.

If anyone in Tennessee, Central and Western Kentucky, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi, or eastern Arkansas are interested in training their dog / pup to hunt shed antlers, please let me know. My dog Scotty is in training now - he will be 6 months old on April 21st.

A group of us would like to grow this sport in the mid-south. Tom Dokken and Jeremy Moore are the two most notable trainers I follow. Jeremy Moore at DogBone provides ton of personal advice and assistance on Face Book. He helps train the trainers which is a huge confidence builder if you are training your own pup.

I can be sent a private message on this forum or you can reach me by email at

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