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I’ve been training my silver lab to shed hunt and she is doing amazing! I hid 5 antlers today, de-scented and through them in the tall grass and woods. I went home, had supper and got Storm to come for a walk with me. She found everyone of them within 20 minutes! It is really quite amazing to watch a dog really work an area with its nose.
She is only six months old and has really impressed me numerous times so far. I think we are going to have some fun this coming spring!

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When you say "de-scented" what do you mean? Are you trying to remove the scent from the sheds or remove your scent from the sheds. Either way she is picking up a "scent" when searching for them. You want to make sure she is keying in on the actual scent of the shed. There's some great products out there that replicates the pecticle scent when a deer drops it's antlers to help

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I have been using scent killer, then applying antler wax.

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Be careful when spraying anything down your dog is going to put in its mouth. Most scent killers contain Triclosan and can be toxic. I train year round with my dogs. Most of the time I just leave the sheds outside in the weather and rain to keep them scent free as possible. If I'm really worried about it I will use rubber gloves when planting them. Most of the time I don't bother. Good looking pup. Have you checked out the Hunting Dog section of this forum? Lots of good information from people doing the same thing you are doing.

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I only used the scent killer the initial time after taking the sheds out of the house. Since then I have kept them outside out of reach.
I just started reading through some of the hunting dog section, lots of great info there!

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