Man of the House Stands His Ground


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The wonderful part of Thanksgiving is getting to share time with your family and friends. This story made me laugh and I want to share it here.

Brooks Campbell is 7 years old and the son of two teachers. He is one smart cookie and a motivate little man. He is my youngest grandchild and I find his behavior and actions a great delight.

His dad took a new job this summer which requires a great deal of travel for three months out of the year (fall). Brooks has shot a 22 rifle and has a kids bow. He is amazing strong in size and in his joint. I don't encourage wrestling with him any more because he is a bruiser for sure.

His mother told him when Daddy is gone - Brooks has to be the man of the house and protect things. This child has fought Darth Vader twice at Disney World. The first time he fought Darth Vader he was the smallest kid in a line of about 15 when they asked for volunteers he was front and center to give Darth Vader what for. My man has a "can do" attitude.

His parents rescued two labs that had heart worms. They only got to stay with Brooks for about 2 weeks. They were placed in a situation that could treat their illness. Brooks was fine since he was promised another dog.

Striker is the new dog - a cross between two dogs I have yet to determine which type from Striker's appearance. Striker is a great companion for Brooks - they know how to play hard without hurting one another.

Phillip, Tara and Brooks live in a small neighborhood where yards are large and everyone knows all of their neighbors. Striker gets walked and potty trained on a lease.

One dog of a neighbor is aggressive and threatening. He comes into my grandson's yard and threatens Striker who is about 25% of the size of the larger, aggressive dog.

The son-in-law is out of state and Tara, Brooks and Striker are outside when the aggressive dog shows up and threatens Striker. My daughter gets Striker and Brooks inside. She tends to the pup and calls out for Brooks.

She can't find Brooks. She walks out into the den and looks out the front window. My man of the house is standing his ground.

He had immediately gotten his bow and was at full draw in the front yard setting his pin on the attack dog. My daughter is inside and she can' t make him hear her directions.

She runs out the side door as he lets it rip. The good news is: he missed, the attack dog retreated immediately and Brooks got to remind his mom she told him he was the Man of the House and had to Protect Things when daddy was gone.

Now his mom explained the limits of what we do and don't do. I hope we put the bow in a more secure place for the near future BUT

my grandson has the courage you very rarely see. He loves his dog and he ain't afraid to protect him, Mother and self. Do you think this child will make a hunter? I have no doubts that he will.

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Brooks Campbell, Tara Campbell and Wayne B. Pruett

Yep my man can stand his ground. ;)
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Thanks Triple C. I have been in the tree in Ohio today for their gun season. No shooters today. Tuesday will be another op.

Grandson is a go getter. He will start hunting next fall on juvenile is the current plan. ;)
I like that grandson of yours. Could tell on myself with a very similar story from my youth but will just say I hope he has as much success with standing his ground as I did. My obnoxious neighbors and their big dogs packed sand and moved within 30 days. May have been coincidence but I have always claimed the victory. :D
Courage is a rarity these days, and is commendable when seen in such a young man. Obviously glad the dog didn't get skewered, but some conflicts are unavoidable and necessary.
Thanks Doctorbrady,

Brooks loves his dog. He knew what he was told and took action. It still makes me laugh every time I think about him saying the words back to him mom - you said I was the man of the house and had to protect things when daddy is gone.

Hope things are well for you, family and tracking crew. Our friend Brush is fired up and having fun tracking deer. Like his passion.
Courage and that attitude is something that can't be taught. You either have it or you don't. Sounds like he will be just fine with whatever he sets his mind to. Glad to hear there was no harm to the dog as well. A man has to defend his castle and men come in all different sizes and sometimes ages!

Sounds like he needs a BB gun! Put a few welts in that dogs butt and he won't stick around!!!:D
Standing up to a known aggressive dog is brave. I once drove into a nest of yellow jackets that where stinging my dog and took on an angry horse that kicked another. That boy will be a fine leader some day.

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