Mounting Deerview Windows


So I’m thinking of ordering a basic hinged window from these guys. It looks like most people box them in, then mount the window to the inside of the box. Seems nice and easy and the price is OK. But do you just leave water sitting on the sill then outside the window? Is this a concern? I guess I’d just run a bead of caulk around the box at where the board meets the plywood and hope for the best. Thoughts on this?


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If you are going to make a window box I'd tilt the sill down about 10 degrees so so that water runs off. And the sill should be pressure treated wood. Then I'd caulk the outside of the box to the plywood siding or J channel or whatever it's going against with a good quality caulking. This should last a long time. Here a have a example of a recent window box that I made
Tilt the sill like mentioned.....i would probably still put some type of drip edge over the window.

However, i've bought some windows from them before for few blinds and my favorite is for just a little more money is the deluxe hinge window vs hinge window....much better waterproofing, as the window is flush with outside of the blind and some weather stripping and you can mount them right into plywood, no framing necessary.
Here's how the inside of a typical hunting blind window box looks. The blocks above the window are to attach the vertical window slides to the wall. Note that the tilted window sill extends in past the side jambs to provide a stop for the bottom of the vertically sliding window pane.
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