Box blind hinged windows

Jeff H

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I am in the middle of a box blind build and have based my window construction on a build that was profiled on the "old" forum. I don't remember who it was but they had windows that were covered with plywood (I think) and opened by pulling a rope from the inside. Can anyone here take claim of that build. I'm looking for details on how it works before I start drilling holes in my walls.

I just drilled a hole above my window and ran a rope out to the window,just pull and the window lifts up.A couple things though,you will either want a hook to tie rope to that will keep window open or a stick to wedge open.Also I always open before deer come out because of noise
I did the windows this weekend as well as painted it. For anyone wanting to do this in the future I would recommend running the string to lift the window as high as you can when going through the wall to the inside. The first time I tried it I had it too low and it was almost impossible to lift the window covering with just the string. Ended up with a couple extra holes in my walls.
I bought some plastic chain and tied it to the end of the string on the inside. That way I have multiple settings (links) for how high I want the window covering lifted.