Moultrie M-888i

Charleston Treeman

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Thinking of getting a Moultrie M-888i. Anyone have any experience with them? My buddy runs stealth cams mostly on our property and I have picked up a few WGI cameras on extreme clearance (don't think I would pay full price for them). Any other suggestions? Not looking to spend more than 130 or so. Thanks in advance.
I just bought one and there is a pic on my property tour under SC Kansas,they are different to program and erase cards but once you remember which way to go it's ok
I have the 990i and 880i I think it is and they don't always take color pics during the day. Not a big deal I guess. Just don't know how to get them back to color pics both units used to take. I'm a fan of moultrie cameras though.
I have two of them. Both of them will not keep the date and time right when I change batteries. I have to reset every time. Other than that, they take pretty good pictures and get decent battery life.