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I am looking for a new bow hunting jacket. I spend 50+ days bow and gun hunting in NY an Ohio, not extreme cold but cold enough. Needs to be quiet, comfortable, not bulky, and big enough to put layers under. I like my clothes big and longer in the sleeve and length. One thing to mention I am also big. I am not T-bone big but I would love to know where he gets his clothes.

I have had the same set of legacy fleece pants and jacket from cabalas for the last 15+ years. I upgraded my pants last year with nomad cottonwood and absolutely love them. Best pair of pants I have ever owned. I have been looking at the drake non typical jackets in the RT timber but I can not find my size. 4x or 5x.

Like I said I fairly large guy 6'3" 300lbs (can't believe I just typed that) I like good food!!!!!

Anyone have any suggestions on were to find something in my size that is of quality, with a good camo pattern?. Don't mind paying for quality. Like I said, the nomad pants I bought last year were ~$180, and would pay more because I like them that much.

Any suggestions on what I am looking for (quality, comfortable, big, and a good camo) I have tried google searches, amazon, ebay, drake...... I have looked!!!

Any help would be great.


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i'm going to catch heat for this but here it goes....few years ago i switched from Sitka Gear to First Lite. Real reason was they offer a military discount of 30% now used to be 40% so i took a shot at it. Now, i would not go back. Sitka is damn good stuff as well i would not hesitate to wear it. First Lite it seems like it fit me better, i was more comfortable, i really really like the shooters cut on the cold season jacket (sanctuary). Its an investment for sure, but like you i spend a good 40ish days in stand in N WI i want good gear or it just makes it miserable.

My dad is pretty big guy as well and got him wearing their stuff and i believe he got 3x and made it work. He's probably about your size, so maybe something to consider.


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Funny BC, I started using Sitka because they offered a military discount! Sitka and First light are both great companies and are both on the cutting edge of tech when it comes to hunting clothing. I prefer Sitka. For early to mid season Sitka Stratus bibs and jacket are tough to beat. Everyone is different but for me the Stratus system is good from ~60F down to ~30F, maybe a little cooler with layering and light or no wind. For conditions below 30F, especially windy and cold, the Fanatic system is quite impressive. It Offers amazing warmth yet isn't too bulky to make a bow shot. Most Sitka clothing is offered up to 3XL.