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My wife and I bought 2 Moultrie M888i cameras back in August and they have worked flawlessly other than one having a delayed power up. In other words when you push the switch to turn it on it would take about 5 seconds to actually display anything but other than that it would work flawlessly. I checked the camera Saturday and cleared the card and when I went to power it back on it did absolutely nothing. I recalled the battery said it still had over 80% but I had new batteries with me so I changed all the batteries out with Duracell Copper Tops like I have always used in my game cameras and it still never even flickered.

I brought the camera home and called Moultrie on it just now and they asked me what batteries I was using and I told them "Dura Cell". The lady told me that was what the problem was because Duracell has new technology to make batteries last longer and they have less boost starting off to conserve and it is not enough to fire up the camera. Told me to buy some cheap energizers and not the "max" in any battery and it should work. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?
I've used duracell and max batteries in my Moultries and never noticed any real problem. I did have tech support tell me to only use Energizer in my security alarm backups at the house. He claimed they are the only one that have true advertized EV ratings. Not sure so if not. As for Moutrie, i've used them for years but last couple I bought were junk within the year. I no longer buy the brand after bragging on them for a long time.
I switched over to lithium batteries this year and run them in all 12 cameras I have out and the difference has been drastic.

Without a doubt saves money over time, at least for us.
sorry, should have been more clear. I say that because I had experienced issues like that in the past with moultries, among others, but have not had a single issue whatsoever with lithiums. From the consistency to the battery life to the actual interface, everything has been a noticeable improvement.
Never heard that one. I only use Duracell ever since the day of the old Junk Cuddiebacks that took 4 "D" cells. They'd last 4-5 weeks on Duracell, about a week on Energizers. Never could figure that one out. Like Dogghr, I'm done with Moultrie.
I am not done with them yet. They said if it wouldn't turn on with the energizers I just send it back and they mail out a new one...It's going back tomorrow.
I think that sounds fishy to me. If the charge is at 80% but it doesn't have enough juice to turn the camera back on, that seems to me like the charge should say 0%!

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I've got a couple of the 888i cams. I bought both this summer. I've noticed the same thing with mine. I run lithiums in mine. I noticed the slow power up after about 3-4 months of use. I wonder if it had anything to do with them being cold as well? They're still working, but the power up was noticeably slow.
I am also done with the 888i

Battery life horrible with duracell and energizer. Battery tray sticks and terminals fall apart

I have only had the 2 I have had since August but other than this one issue with this one camera I have no complaints. I get good battery life with Duracell and have not had any trouble with the trays. I am going to send this one back in today and should have a new one soon.

I have a moultrie M80 black from the 2010 timeframe I would put up against any camera ever made. It has been in the woods taking pictures every single day and night since I got it. I changed straps twice on it when the rotted and now have some camo boot laces holding it on the tree. It takes about 500-600 pictures a week and has since around 2010 and has never blacked an image nor had any whiteout issues. Wish I had a time machine to go back and get more...

My son and I are huge fans of the M80 also. We get sad when they finally wear out.

I would say Moultrie would be wise to rebuild that exact same unit. They have been a workhorse for us. We got on the Browning train but they don't last. About 3 years and they are done. We have seen our half of our cameras die and now scratch our head which new model to bet on.

Our attitude is we want as many foot soldiers working as possible - they are a major part of the way we pattern our bucks. We like the $120 to $149 range to increase our numbers. Top end cameras we avoid because that reduces our numbers in the field.

I would say Moultrie would be wise to rebuild that exact same unit. They have been a workhorse for us.

Now Wayne, the idea of a unit working a long time would go against the company's profit! I bet if Dan Moultrie still owned the company he would have stayed with the solid technology of the M80. He still works with them and promotes
I have had good early success with cuddeback digital black flash. still on same batteries from september on 2 of 3

other one was stolen....... see thread on camera theft.....

My very first moultrie I ever bought still takes hundreds of great pictures a week. I know I have well over 100k pictures taken from it. The other 4 or 5 moutries I have bought since then are hit or miss. Wish I could find a good cam of the same reliability and price point as my first moultrie. I have since switched brands.
I like the Browning BTC 5HDE, the 2016 model Strike Force Elite. The 2015's were good, but had some problem with SD cards. The Elite's have been trouble free for me and still running on the same 6 AA Duracell since April.
My main question on this is has anyone noticed the Duracell and "max" type batteries not powering up cameras?

FWIW mine got sent back day before yesterday so I am awaiting a replacement now...
My main question on this is has anyone noticed the Duracell and "max" type batteries not powering up cameras?

FWIW mine got sent back day before yesterday so I am awaiting a replacement now...

Nope. I run 3 different brands, not on mine.
My 990i has a slow start up. I sometimes have to slide the button to "aim" then slide it back to "on" to power up the display. I use rechargeables and Duracells when I need some extras.

I started a new philosophy with these cameras. I buy the cheapest I can find on sale at the end of the year, and then buy one nice used one. Each year.

This year it was Wildgame XL8 or something for $33.xx at Menard's. I bought two of them. What's funny is, my best pictures come from these cheap cams because I say to myself "screw it" let's try a camera right here, and boom cool pictures. Then I always put my good cams in spots "I know" are good.

After I read the Reconyx owners manual, I haven't lost a camera since. When I bring in cameras from the cold, they all go in there own sealed ziplock bag, then they are brought inside the house and allowed to acclimate to the temperature inside the ziplock bag. This way the condensation builds up on the ziplock bag and not inside the camera.

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Customer service at moultrie is second to none. Send in an 888i for replacement and they send me a brand new 999i upgrade!


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