My email to a novice - "want to be" apple grower

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This week I attended a work meeting with a person that knows nothing about growing apples but wants to plant a few trees. They were also interesting in a few pears. I went over a lot of things when we talked and followed up today with an email to help them find some of the trees I talked about with them. I thought I would post it here just in case it might benefit someone else just getting started.

Dear _________,

Per our conversation on apples, I am providing you the following information on some good varieties. I have experience with all listed below except the Sundance, but I have thoroughly researched it, and I’m sure that it will be a good performer. I planted my first Sundance this spring.

These are all easy apples to grow without having to worry about spraying for diseases. Under extreme conditions, some of them could show signs of disease, but these are resistant enough to produce most years, and not have the long term health of the tree affected by the disease.

Of course, insects like tent caterpillars or Japanese Beetles can become a problem too with any fruit, so it does pay to watch out for pest like that and take care of any special problems that might arise. You might say these varieties are all bullet resistant but not bullet proof. Also, without professional care they may not always look like supermarket apples that have been pampered, but they will taste better than any supermarket apple you can buy.

Sundance Apple

Liberty Apple

Priscilla Apple

(hard to find and out of stock right now at this place, but they will probably have them by next year)

Black Limbertwig Apple

This one is hard to find. You can call the guy (David) at the following link.

He sells them, but you may have to order a year in advance. He would also be able to recommend other apples that would grow well in the Atlanta area. I would only buy semi dwarf trees or full sized trees. Don’t buy dwarfs. I would trust anything that this guy recommends. I don’t know him personally, but know others who I trust that like him. I think he would be a straight shooter

He also has some great pears. For both apples and pears, tell him you want varieties that are highly disease resistant and produce well without spraying. The Warren Pear that he sells is excellent. He also has some other good ones.

If you set trees at a place where there are deer, protect them like I told you to with cages. It also pays to put screen wire around the bottom to protect from voles. They can ruin a fruit tree by gnawing the bark at the bottom of the tree.

Buy and set out trees in the spring or fall when they are dormant.

With all of the pests, diseases and everything else that can go wrong, I sometimes wonder how the apple ever survived from the Garden of Eden to our current world.

Enjoy – Steve