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SC Hunter

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i just wanted to send a shout out for my old buddies from QDMA forum I used to turn to for insight all the time. I think DogDoc is in here. Please reply with your old QDMA forum name if it has changed.

Thanks, SC Hunter
I also wanted to know about how to grow chestnut trees from seed....which is how I learned that QDMA forum was now closed....so sad about that.
Yep, I'm here as a lot if other members. Most of us have the same name. Glad you joined up.

SC Hunter,

I believe I can help you some on growing Chestnuts from the nut. I suggest you read the thread One Thousand Chestnut Trees in the Habitat Section for a start. Welcome to this forum.
You will find lots of familiar "faces" here and on H-T That is where the majority of us "refugees" went.

I am J-bird everywhere!!!
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Good to have you on board. On the other forum that I have no memory of since they did their anal lobotomy, I was dogghr. On this forum which is so much better, I am, uh,……still dogghr.
Henceforth I shall be known as "The Poster Formerly Known As Shmoopy"

Gotta find a cool symbol for that moniker. :)

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