Late Dropping Shumard Oaks


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I got excited when I pulled in the hotel parking lot yesterday afternoon and saw the Shumard oaks lining the driveway. For some reason, my wife was not as excited as I was. I went out this morning and picked up a couple of hundred acorns off the tree and the ground. I will be growing them out this summer. I was surprised to see acorns still hanging on the tree on January 16. The Shumards that I usually collect acorns from drop their acorns from early to late October. If you have Shumard oaks around you, when do you see the acorns drop?

These trees are located at the Homewood Suites in Jackson, Mississippi about three hours north of me. They are landscaping trees, so no telling where they originally came from. I have seen quite a few Shumard oaks over the years, but I have never seen a Shumard "in the wild." They have always been landscaping trees either in parking lots or around buildings.
Did you float-test them?
I did float test them. I collected off of two of the eight trees that lined the driveway. Both trees looked like the heaviest producers and had acorns underneath like the photo. One tree only had a couple of hanging acorns while the other had several branches with acorns hanging. I picked up acorns off the ground from the first tree and picked the majority of the acorns from the second tree directly off the branches. I did pick up some larger acorns on the ground from the second tree. I kept the acorns in separate bags. It surprised me that when I did float test them that I only had one or two float from the hundred or so acorns I picked up off the ground. When float testing the acorns I picked off the second tree, I had 20-30 float from the hundred of so I picked. This was the opposite of what I expected as I figured that the acorns still hanging would be fresher and not dried out. I cracked a couple of the floaters open and they looked fine, but they did float so I threw them out.
We have a handful of shumards on our place in NW Jefferson cty. Some drop in October, some in January. It’s strange. I sometimes wonder if I’m misidentifying the early droppers.
Contact me if anyone wants any of these Shumard acorns. I can probably send 30 acorns to 2-3 people if there is interest. All you have to do is pay shipping.