First sit of 2022


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I’m off to a late start this year thanks to a broken hand in August but I finally made it out tonight. I hunted a “club” property in coastal CA. There are only four of us and I don’t have any say in what we do but it’s close and inexpensive.

I scouted swamp chestnut oaks and found green acorns under all of them thanks to hurricane Ian. I didn’t find convincing deer sign under any oaks but snuck to about 35 yards from a fawn when I peaked into one of our plots. I slipped back in the brush and climbed a tree about 10 yards off the plot. It was a short wait!




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Just started looking into these.

That brand is very good it seems.

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Tethrd was the first company to bring saddle hunting into the hunting main stream. There were previous attempts but when Tethrd launched in 2018 they had lots of momentum.

There are other good options now. Cruzr is another popular company. I have a TX5 Lonestar (small company out of TX) on order although they’re more of a custom option. Even Hawk (treestand company) is making saddles now although I wouldn’t recommend that route.

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