John Deere 5045E/5055E tractors


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Need to upgrade my beloved 1720 Ford New Holland ...been looking quite awhile for used ...and have sat on several various brands ...surprised how low the seats are on some of the go to price brands ...cannot find anything on various Ag/tractor forums in the negative about the above JD models looking for folks who might have some experience with one

I have a 5065e I bought last fall new - a little over 100 hours on it now. Had a hydraulic hose on the side of the engine blow - covered under warranty. Other than that, been a good strong tractor. If I had it to do over, I would buy the 5055e and save a little money and be fine for all my implements.
I use the 5075e and no complaints. Only issue I've had was when a boat load of water got in the fuel tank last year because of Hurricane Matthew, and that was my fault.
I don't have a e series, but I have a 5410. Its a great tractor prior to the e / m series. Around here, almost all the utilities tractors are deere!

If you are just food plotting and tinkering I'd suggest something used like a 5210, 5310, or 5410 - (53, 64, 80 HP) These are from 1999-2001. Hard to imagine they are already 17 years old. The next series is roughly from 2001-2005. Something used should be available in great shape.

Personally I would opt for the 55+HP range for a tractor with that frame size.