Japanese Stilt Grass sucks


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This crap is taking over the world. How does native flora survive with this stuff?
The 2nd pic also has the wonderful mile-a-minute in the center of the photo. So depressing.


The more brown colored vines in the center of the pic is the mile-a-minute. This is a tiny fraction of MaM...in other areas, it has totally taken over.
Oh, and also notice the ash trees. It's total carnage here with dead ash laying everywhere. And as the ash die and allow more sunlight in, the stilt grass and MaM are getting worse.
Our woods in this region are sick and a total disaster.
I have a hard time ignoring it and I want to cry when I don't ignore it.

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We don’t have that here, but man I would throw a match in that clump so fast your head would spin.
Burning it only gets rid of the dry matter - it will not harm the plant at all. It likes to green up early here and as such this year I am going to try to hit it with some gly before my nearby switchgrass wakes up. I agree that it quickly takes over. Just another wonderful invasive to battle.

Cutman - if you like I can send you some so you don;t feel left out!