Inexpensive pole pruner / saw


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While in Home Depot checking fertilizer prices I learned from a clerk that they had Fiskar pole saw/pruners on sale. Apparently, a new version of the pruner was available and they were doing a close-out on the old models The $79 model was on sale for $20; the 14' rope model was $10.03, and the 12' rope model was $7.95. For those who may not have a gas-powered pruning saw (e.g., Stihl), this might work well for you for light pruning needs. Best of all, they have a lifetime warranty .... if it breaks, return it to the store and they will give you a new model if they have no more of the close-out models. Check it out!
I wish we still had a home depot near us...our local one closed up years ago...

That's a great price!
14' rope model was $10.03, and the 12' rope model was $7.95.
That's good, a new saw blade cost at least that much. I've got 3 of them but they are getting old. Thanks.
I bought the last two they had at ours a few weeks ago. A buddy works there and he called to see if I needed any. I think mine were marked down a little more than that.