in preparation for fall plots....


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I have 2 perenial clover plots that are I need of a little help. long story short I have about 50% coverage of clover.

what does one do in the fall on a perennial clover plot they want to continue? super light disking and replant with more clover and a nurse crop then culitpack? no disking and just top dress then cultupack?

this is the 3rd summer of growth.
I'd get weeds and grasses under control now and over seed in early October.

But keep an eye on your bare spots, if you let your clover go to seed, because you may see a pleasant surprise. This is 11 year old Durana and a bare spot.

Durana 999.JPG
I have had luck just broadcasting it into it in the fall before a good rain to thicken it up if I have some poor spots. It does fine for me.
I have several spots that are bare right now in mine but it was so hot and dry that it went dormant on me. No clover in sight. I have a feeling it will bounce back after the last week we have had with decent rain and a little cooler temps. I am keeping my eye on them to see how it responds and go from there.
I've had better success with a very light discing, just enough to disturb the surface, then broadcast and drag/cultipack. Generally add nurse crop of grain.
Where I live, clover dying back in the summer is just a fact of life. I’ve never had a plot that would last through July, August, and September, but I’ve never had a plot that didn’t “freshen up” in October and November to only come on strong again in spring. That’s the biggest hurdle I have to overcome with food plots of all kinds, getting something that will grow during the summer months. I think that’s the reason that so many in Texas feed protein.