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Hello to all.
New to this site.
We're IN SEARCH OF a Thompson Center Hunter 7048 Powder Measurer. (NEW OR USED)
We've been all over the internet including eBay and Amazon in which we found 1 that appears to us to be overpriced.

That you to all and have a Merry Christmas.


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Now that TC has been put out of business by S&W, prices of their stuff has really gone up. I recently bought a TC action on gunbroker and paid as much as I used to pay for the entire firearm with stock, forearm, and barrel in addition to the action.

Any particular reason you are set on a TC version of a powder measure? There are lots of others out there. I no longer use a powder measure. I moved to pellets for convenience and a few years ago, I had my Encore converted to a .45 cal SML. I now weigh use a powder dispenser and than weigh each charge.

Hope you find what you are looking for.