How do you post photos?


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I'd like to get some insight on stand sites and other improvements I can make to my farm but keep getting an error message when trying to upload my aerials. Any suggestions? I'm not the bet with computers.
Tim is at he lake with his family on this fine Sunday. When he gets back I'll see if he can figure out why y'all are having issues with posting pictures. I always use photobucket rather than upload attachments...maybe someone who has already successfully uploaded could explain how they did it...
I am not a tech junky, but I just take a pic of my computer screen and post on tapatalk, from my phone, works for me. easy peezy!
I used IMGUR to host pictures I posted on the other site. I got two pictures to download but have not been able to get any more to post. I hate to have to start with another picture hosting site. Any ideas why I might be having so much trouble? A sticky post explaining how to post pictures would be helpful.