Got deer back from taxidermist


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The old man and I's bow kills from this November. Great weekend, shot them two days apart. He killed the wide one with a homemade recurve. Gross scored 162", we think likely a 5 year old.

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Two great bucks. They look great on the wall together. And with a recurve!
There is for my dads... I was hunting on the far South side of our property at a water hole. He was hunting about 500 yards away from me down a hill and up another on a big ridge top. I heard a grunt from behind and this wide rack deer came out into a clearing and started making a scrape.

This was a deer we have not had on camera and he was all cut up and looked like he had been fighting. He came from my right and I waited until he got to a shooting lane at 25 yards and I drew. As a right hander I turned as far as I possibly could to my right and I was about 3 feet away from vitals and couldn't turn more. I waited and waited for him to take another step and after what seemed like forever I finally had to let he bow down. He stared at me and we had a stare off. He eventually turned and walked down the hill.

I texted my dad, "I just blew an opportunity and the biggest deer I've ever had a shot at" he told me to stay ready and it could come back.

10 minutes later I got a text, "I just shot the biggest deer you've ever blown a shot at".

We waited over night as it was cold and found him the next day. Was really cool.

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Great bucks and with stick and string makes them even more special IMO.

Congrats and thanks for sharing the photos.

Very nice deer and great field pics. They look good hanging on the old barn wood