2020 success OH/MI


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Wrapping up with a little bit of doe hunting with my daughter this week, but probably done buck hunting for 2020.

I was able to fill one of my MI buck tags on a nice 3.5 yr old that we had lots of pictures of on Nov 14th (night before gun opener) Grunted him in from a couple hundred yards. Very exciting hunt. Ended up making good on a 25 yard bow shot, and the deer went about 20 yards. He had no idea what happened ! Wheeled, and walked 20 yards, stopped and layed down. Gross score of 128"

I filled my OH tag on December 1st with my daughters 350 legend (love that gun!). I had an encounter with this buck in early November with a bow and just couldn't get him to leave the doe he was with. Definitely had me shook after that !

I went down after a big snow storm to try to lay eyes on him again. Lucked out and didn't even sit down for my evening hunt. I got to the base of my tree and saw him about 140 yards away with a handful of does. Quartering away shot and he dropped in his tracks. My biggest buck to date. Had a couple of trail camera pics of him as well. Gross scored 174". Had over 28" main beams on both sides !

Apologies for the horrendous pictures. Very rattled and just plain wish I had a re do !!

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Mark, those are the craziest main beams that I have ever heard. I'm curious as to what county you guys are in in Ohio?

Appreciate it guys ! ....and definitely have to give a thanks to Tap on this forum. He has helped me a lot with maps, too maps, etc. Kind of dissecting this chunk of land as it is very different than the flat farm land i usually hunt. Totally different world of drainages, ridges, hills and WIDE open mature woods. It can be extremely frustrating to hunt. He has been my topo guru

Definitely has freak show main beams. They just keep going ! Couple more pics...

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