Forage Soybeans, which one?

I am planning on using a Forage Soybean this Spring. Comments from member that have used them, pros and cons please.

Thanx Calvin
I like the eagle seed large lad. They can withstand a lot of grazing, fairly drought tolerant, so so bean producer. I broadcast mine and drag them in and they do well.
I like the eagle seed large lad. They can withstand a lot of grazing, fairly drought tolerant, so so bean producer. I broadcast mine and drag them in and they do well.
Thanx SC, Im not as concerned with bean production as most Northern folks. I will more than likely either broadcast my Fall plot into the live beans or plow them under. Thanx for your comment.
I used the Game Keeper variety for two years in a row so that I could combat some pigweed in two different foodplots. The first year very few beans set so I replaced them with WW, but the next year I had lots of beans so I kept the beans through winter. Even though my deer had never seen a soybean, they ate the heck out of them.

Last year I planted Real World beans but the drought got me and they never got over six inches high so I can't compare the two.
In my area, the eagle seed forage beans are better in every way than ag beans - with the exception of bean production. And some years, there has been very good production. Some years, no. The advatages over ag beans in my area - can withstand much more grazing, more drought resistance, keep leaves later in fall, will provide cover if not grazed down. They are twice as much money. But, ag beans will absolutely not make it in my various five acre plots. The eagle seed forage beans will do fair to excellent. Worth the money for me - yes.
A late maturing variety for your area is usually the recommended alternative to Eagle seed.

I have only planted soybeans once, andnit was whatever NWTF sold i really dont have first hand knowledge of forage soybeans.
Good info. More is appreciated. Did the deer like them? Were the beans hardy? Were they worth the price?

Yes, yes, and yes ! Like SwampCat, mine had good bean production one year, not the other, but they absolutely outgrew the browsing and looking at the exclusion cage was a real eye opener. It was four feet high with vines spilling out the top while the plot was 1.5' high in late summer. BUT.......I can get the same amount of forage with IC peas in the same plots at a much cheaper price. I had a pigweed problem which caused me to plant RR beans.
If you have multiple acres and don't expect or need pods, you can get group 7 conventional beans from Green Cover for $30/bag. If you have more than 2 acres, you could pay to have them shipped to you and still be money ahead vs $100/bag forage beans. Only issue is you won't have a post emergent weed option other than a grass only herbicide.

Thanx guys! Good info. A little history. I have always planted Production beans and actually they stood the pressure pretty good. However, no bean pods, which isn't a deal breaker for me. I am mainly looking for a bean that can out grow or maintain growth while being browsed. It will be my first time under the bridge with Forage beans.

MD, thanx for the vid. I have looked at every bean supplier in America I think ;). Thus the reason I am talking to yall. I am also looking at the Laredo and Tyrone strain of bean.
Good info, Love these type threads.
Since you are from SE TX, you may very well have hogs. I have had hogs eat five acres of planted bean seed in one night. That leaves a mark. They dont seem to meas with them much once the beans get up and going.
May have hogs? Shucks son, they like family. We have quite a few, but not as many as in the past. We do a lot of trapping and let some fellas come in about March and catch what they can with dogs.

Usually, if there is plenty of food in the woods, the damage to our plots is a minimum....usually. Believe it or not, we still have acorns. When you go to planting $100 beans, yeah I can see your point.

Gonna give it a go despite the hogs.