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I know some on here have the old grain drills that were 2 separate drills combined to make one bigger one. Then were cut apart again to make a small drill to pull behind an atv. I'm thinking of building one for myself and selling the other, I could use a small drill like this to do some food plotting because I'm not exactly happy with broadcasting so far, and to drill some covers on irrigation roads and to prevent washing on the ends of furrow irrigated fields.

So how happy are you with the drill and the job it does? Also what do you use to pull it?
We got an old John Deere Van Brunt drill a couple of years ago. It does a good job and eliminates the need for some discing. We wait until the ground is somewhat soft before using the drill. It kind of depends on what you are planting. The drill opens up a slit in the ground and the seeds in the large seed box fall into the slit giving good seed to dirt contact. Smaller seeds are in a separate small seed box and merely fall on top of the ground much like broadcasting. We always follow up with a cultipacker after drilling. We use a Rhino 450 UTV to pull ours. The drill is a heavy piece of equipment but the UTV manages.


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I used to use this 4.5’ still before upgrading to a 7’ no-till.


It did a fine job once dgallow explained how to adjust it/control depth. I got some great stands using the large and small boxes.

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I’ve pulled it with three different tractors: 45 hp kubota, and old MF255, and a 75 hp JD.
I think you could easily pull it with a UTV, I’m just not sure how you would raise it while turning around.