Factory shells are like BOB seed

I’ve had bad luck finding super performance rounds that shoot well in my 308 or 35 Whelen. They’ve shot 2x or greater groups. If they shot well, I’d use them....
Elk, I have also bought one box on the Barnes 308 VorTx with the 130 gain TTSX bullet to try. Published velocity on the box is 3,125 fps. I will try it through 3 different 308s and let you know the outcome. One of them is a FNAR semi auto with a 20 inch barrel, so it will interesting to compare the velocity in the 3 different guns. The other bolt action has a 22 inch barrel, and as previously stated the Icon has a 24 inch. Should be an interesting test. I might get to do this sometime around Thanksgiving.
Reportedly, one of the great benefits of the TSX design is it allows lighter bulletsc at higher velocity while still providing outstanding penetration. I’m anxious to hear the results.
Elk, I tried the 130 load today, but it was one of those sunny days that the chrony was constantly giving errors. I got some good readings on the FNAR and one on the Tikka, but by the time I shot the Icon I couldn't get a reading.

This shell shot great through the FNAR but not accurate in the Icon or the Tikka. Results below:

FNAR, Semi Auto - 20 inch barrel
2937 fps
2984 fps
2969 fps
3014 fps
3 shots failed to register velocity.
First 3 shots - bullets touching each other
4 shots in 7/10 inch
5 shots in 9/10 inch
7 shots in 1.2 inch
I've been thinking a guy should shoot factory crimped shells in an autoloader. I will probably just use this in the FNAR. My handloads for it might be just a little better but not much.
Tikka 22 inch barrel:
3023 fps
Second shot failed to register
Accuracy - Not good - over 1.5 inches. PS: Worked out a great handload for this gun today, however, that was putting the first three shots in a ragged hole. Will use my handloads and forget factory shells in this gun. Getting 2,920 fps with handload and 150 grain Hornady SST bullet using Varget powder and no signs of pressure. Getting nearly the same thing with Nosler 150 grain BT and same powder.

TC Icon, 24 inch barrel
Only fired two shots and did not get velocity reading on either due to the sun angle
Accuracy: Not good like with the Barnes 150 grain. Two shots were over 1.5 inches apart. With the Barnes 150 I am going sub MOA with 5 shot groups and shooting near 3,000 fps so will stick with that load.

That's the report.
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Great news for the FN--great velocity for a 20" tube and super accuracy. I think I'll try some of those in my LaRue PredatAR. I'm sure you share my awe at how easy it is to tune loads for a tikka. Love the things. I'm pretending I need another rifle and am leaning towards a T3X in 6.5CM, a 270 or a 7mm-08. I made myself a promise when I purchased my Tikka that I wouldn't buy anymore rifles without selling one. Thinking about parting ways with a Remington pump in 35 Whelen or a heavy barrel Ruger in 22-250. Thing is, I've regretted selling every gun I've sold the last ten years.... I just can't justify a third gun safe.