Experience Tubing Pines?


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If i am ever going to grow a pine tree, other than the odd and end that i plant smack middle of a brush pile, then i am going to have to tube. But honestly i dont know how this works on pine trees. Has anyone here done this?
Deer on the Home 10 wouldnt eat a pine tree if you soaked it in persimmon juice. Deer on Little Blue 40 eat them like candy. I dont get it.
I tried it a few years ago on Home 10...I had to pull the tubes because the heat effect of the tube dried them out and killed several and that was in early spring...
Thanks, guys. Sounds like strike 1.
What about a 2 ft tube on a 12" pine? I really need that tube around them to protect from spraying.
I could bud cap these in the fall.
Sure - just remove the tube when you are done spraying....or just use a piece of stove pipe on a stick to shield the tree if you are spraying by hand. Some people use plastic bags and then remove them after spraying. You can also spray your conifers with PlantSkyd in the fall/winter to discourage browsing.