Southern pine beetles, Burning north facing slope and other questions


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I have some land in northeast Georgia that borders a large tract of public land. This summer, southern pine beetles moved in from this WMA and killed off a couple acres of 16yr old pine plantation. I can’t get loggers to come in to do anything due to low pulp prices.

So this winter I’m going to hire a dozer operator to come in and push the pines into a pile as well as a large area around the dead pines. All together, 4-5 acres. I’m going to take lemons and make lemonade as they say and use this as a place to hunt. The 4-5 acres is all on of fairly steep slope going down to a creek so I could put a stand at the ridge top and see the entire hillside. Should be killer spot catching deer coming from my pines heading towards WMA and vise versa plus viewing some mature oaks down at creek bottom.

My thought was put in permanent firebreaks down sides and burn this area frequently in future to keep it in a permanent grassy slope. Maybe plant some trees and protect them from the future fires? Let the public land side grow up in thicket, maybe plant a bunch of wild plums or something to try and block out hunters views from the public side?

This slope is on a north side so it won’t get much direct sun so not sure how that will go with fire in future. If anyone has experience or recommendations on what they would do I’d appreciate the advice!
I have the exact same thing. With the north facing slope and was planning on burning also. I’m curious of answers to this question.
I'm not sure how a yearly burning, and the goal of blocking hunters views from the WMA, with only 4 to 5 acres to work with, is going to fit together. It sounds like something like planted habitat bushes might be a good fit to meet your goals to hold deer and be a visual blocker.